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Welcome to editing&proofing.com, a resource for writers, businesses, and students.

Getting manuscripts, term papers, theses, dissertations, business publications and other important work in final shape for submission can be daunting, especially if you have many other things on your “to do” list competing for your precious time. Yet what you release for public consumption says a great many things about who you are, so you must look your best, right?

If the image you want to project is one of clear thinking and well-put-together writing, you’ve come to the right place.


Why you should want me to edit and proof your manuscript:

  • improve the odds on having your manuscript accepted by a publisher
  • make the most of your investment in a self-published work with a professional edit (you don’t need a publisher to get a professional edit anymore!)

  • the editing staff of most publishing houses today have so many manuscripts piled up they just cannot set aside quiet time to reflect and revisit any one work. Your book has your name on it. Consider this customized professional edit as insurance that your work will be what you envision, and well worth the investment.

If you are an independent author considering self-publishing, think about this:

Many self-published books today include amazing stories, information, and provide value to the reader. Unfortunately, as soon as the reader encounters the first grammatical or spelling error, or wanders off topic, the author’s credibility begins to fade. If more errors follow, the reader abandons the book because the unprofessional product disqualifies the author as any kind of expert.


Don't get rejected for writing mistakes - Let me help

I will review your work for…

  • continuity,
  • logical presentation of ideas,
  • inconsistencies,
  • misspellings,
  • grammar usage,
  • redundancy and
  • logic and clarity of thought

…so that you will be able to refine it to your greatest advantage.  You will receive specific recommendations for fine-tuning your final product so it creates the impact you desire.  I want you to be successful!


Assembling material for a report

My services are ideal for:

  • businesses,
  • authors – including ebook writers,
  • students – especially English as a second language students,
  • higher education students in the arts, liberal arts, humanities, or business, and
  • anyone who wants an objective review of his work.


How do you get started?


What people are saying about my work:


“When building anything the rule is to measure twice, cut once. The reality for authors is to write once, then edit, edit, edit. The quality of the edit determines the degree of shine on your work.

I retained Barbara Schoeneberger to edit my latest manuscript before it hit the editor’s desk at my publisher. Barb saw my vision for the book and made suggestions that raised the level of shine on it to a whole new level of gleam.

Never skimp on what counts, and if you’re a writer, that means don’t take any short cuts on the editing process. Once your book is printed you can’t get a do-over. I absolutely recommend that you let Barb help you produce your best work.”

Lynn Baber, author of

  • He Came Looking for Me
  • Amazing Grays Amazing Grace
  • The Art of Being Foolish Proof